Calendar of the Year 2014

For the sixth time in a row, we have managed to place in what for us is the most important category, "the Best Quality Printing and Overall Production" in the Calendar of the Year 2014 competition. This time it was a split third place, which we shared with the calendar from CEWE (, ), which we also had the honour of printing. We would like to thank everyone you participated in the production of this year's calendar GRAFICARIUM 2014, primarily David and Jiří Kantor from Kantor's Creative Club here

Design Award & Competition - Packaging for J. Daniel's

In the Design & Award Competition, the packaging for Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whiskey won a silver award in the A Design Award competition. In 2014, an international team of judges carefully evaluated more than 12,536 entries from 208 countries. The Jack Daniel's gift box packaging was designed by Kantor's Creative Club especially for Brown - Forman Czech and Slovak Republics. The packaging was produced by the Grafico printing company. We are proud that among other things, the panel of judges recognised the precision printing and demanding completion of packaging here

Zlatý středník 2013

Profesionál magazine from MIELE, which we have the honour of printing long-term, won first place in the Zlatý středník 2013 competition to select the best corporate periodical in the Industry and Engineering category. Zlatý středník is a prestigious competition of corporate media and publications. All 4 editions from 2013 competed. The panel of judges appreciated the overall level of the magazine, its graphic form, for which the Four Eyes Production studio is responsible ( , and the involvement of employees in the preparation of articles. here

Quality assured by Heidelberg

On 7 November 2013, the Grafico printer was issued the "Quality assured by Heidelberg" certificate. This logotype has been lent by Heidelberg to selected customers for use based on achieved quality of printing production in the program for comprehensive management of colour - the External Quality Manager. The right to use the "Quality assured by Heidelberg" logo has been provided for an indefinite period of time.

Calendar of the Year 2013

Once is not enough!!! Is 10 times too much??? Five times in a row - that counts!!!

1) For the fifth time in a row, we won in the Best Quality of Printing and Overall Manufacturing category.

2) Special prize from the Association of Polygraphic Entrepreneurs for EXCELLENT TECHNICAL POLYGRAPHIC PROCESSING.


4) VISITOR prize - Polygraph exhibits 2013.

Many thanks to all who participated in the calendar

Calendar of the Year 2013 here.

Milan Knížák

"Professor Milan Knížák chose Grafico for the realisation of his book." More information here


Book of the Year 2011

In 2012 we were awarded printers' and bookbinders' top prize. Ranking second in 2011, we dominated this year's category of FICTION. Watch the presentation revealing our little magic here

Calendar of the Year 2012

1) We dominated the Best quality of print and overall manufacturing category for the fourth time in a row!

2) We ranked second in Design.

3) We were awarded a special prize for Innovation and overall professional manufacturing.

Many thanks to all who participated in the calendar.

Calendar of the Year 2012 here

Book of the Year 2010

There is NEWS that we like to boast repeatedly and that fills us with pride.

The Grafico printing works enjoyed the honour of printing and binding the book by Jan Antonín Putimský - VŠECHNO NAPSANÉ - Hry, prózy, básně, hrůzy [ALL WRITTEN - Plays, prose, poems, horrors]. This book ranked second in the category of FICTION in the prestigious competition The Czech Book of the Year 2010. The book has 920 pages and demanding graphics. It has a very untraditional cover featuring not only screen print but also fluorescent paint - the book glows at night! here


Calendar for the year 2011

We moved again a little higher!

The Grafico follows in the last year’s success of the Grafico 2010 calendar. In the “Calendar for the Year 2011” prestige competition we won in three categories:

1)      Quality of printing and total making

2)      Promotional effect

3)      Visitor award of the Reklama, Polygraf 2011 fair

Calendar for the Year 2011:    here

The Bronze award for the Grafico

The Bronze award for the Czech Republic has been won by the Grafico Printing Works

In this year’s Sappi European Printers of the Year prestige competition arranged by the company Sappi Fine Paper Europe the Opava’s Grafico Printing Works won the third price and thus also a bronze award in the Own Promotion category. In total 2,000 exhibits from 34 countries of all Europe and the Middle East were registered for the competition. With the competition calendar project named “Animally” registered by the domestic Grafico Printing Works the international jury consisting of independent specialists evaluated in particular its innovatory design and optimum use of varnishing and imprint. In their justification for awarding the members of the selection board indicated this competitive exhibit as the “beautiful calendar”. The graphic design of the awarded “Animally” calendar was elaborated by the KANTOR´S Creative Club, its printing was carried out on the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 – 5 SE five-tinctorial sheet-fed offset machine and other finished processes, i.e. blind finishing, imprint and die-cut on the Kama ProCut 74 machine. In total the works on the calendar, which was issued in the edition of 1,000 pieces, took more than half a year and except of the bronze award in the Sappi European Printers of the Year competition it before already won the first place in the Best Calendar of the Year 2010 competition for the best quality of printing and the third place for the best graphic design of the Calendar of the Year 2010:    here


Calendar for the year 2010

The Grafico Printing Works defended the first place in the “Best Quality of Printing and Total Processing” category in the competition of the „Calendar of the Year 2010”. In addition to it we won the third prize in the best design category. We take pride in it and are glad of it. The Calendar of the Year 2010:  here


Book of the Year 2009

It was an honour to the Grafico Printing Works to carry out printing and the bookbinding elaboration of the book A Man from Acapulco. It was nominated among ten finalists in the belles-lettres category in the prestige competition for the Best Book of the Year 2009. The Book of the Year 2009:  here


Calendar of the Year 2009

The Grafico Printing Works won the first prize in the “Best Quality of Printing and Total Processing” category in the competition of the „Calendar of the Year 2009”. We take pride in it and are glad of it. The Calendar of the Year 2009:  here

Heidelberg Partner

The Heidelberg Partner prestige title was awarded to the Grafico Printing Works on the date October 1, 2008.